On Smart Mobility

Dmitry Romanov, Anastasia Suvorova, Vasily Kupriyanovsky


This article discusses options for the implementation of “Smart Mobility” in people's everyday lives and the significant role played by the “Smart city” in solving urgent problems, namely those related not only to transport accessibility but also to traffic congestion. In addition to the key principles of Smart Mobility, a very important aspect of the article is the description of what Smart Mobility is in the real world. It is also necessary to understand that the growing urbanization at the moment creates many problems in terms of mobility, this indicates that the time has come to act. And as illustrative examples, cities such as London, Amsterdam and Incheon are taken. The introduction of various tools in these cities, such as unmanned express transit in Singapore, the exchange of data in Amsterdam and the construction of an extensive bicycle network in Incheon, had a favorable effect on the whole people's living environment. And this is just a small part of what attention should be paid to now. Finding the best solution for transport is becoming more relevant every year. It is where the Smart mobility originates.

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