Digital Transformation: How to transfer your Social Media account into your work platform?

Luis Borges Gouveia, Yousef Ibrahim Daradkeh, Daisy Isabella van Steenbergen


This paper will stress the importance of Digital Transformation for smaller businesses that have based their entire existence on digitalization as they run their business online. The information within this work will be linked to one business in particular to implement the practice as well as the theory. This business belongs to Merijn Schoeber, a qualified personal trainer, online coach, sponsored athlete, entrepreneur, published author and social media celebrity hailing from The Netherlands. He has grown a lot in a short amount of time by posting daily videos on YouTube and by keeping an active profile on Instagram. Attention will be paid on how Digital Transformation plays a part within his digital business. Focus will be on the way his business started, what possibilities Digital Transformation created and what the future of Digital Transformation looks like together with the influence it will have on Merijn’s business. This also rises the opportunity to consider such evolution as both digitization and digitalization can play an important role on the digital transformation of smaller businesses. 

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