Digital technologies in law enforcement: criteria for a legitimate combination of public and private interests

Evgeny Mamay


The article discusses the use of digital technologies in law enforcement through the prism of the balance of public and private interests. The author analyses the system of legal regulation, studies the normative legal acts regulating digital relations and the use of information and communication technologies. Empirical ground of the study constitutes of more than 30 decisions adopted by various judicial instances in Russia, as well as more than 20 decisions of the European Court of Human Rights. Comparative legal material is represented by the study of foreign legislation, in particular the United States, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, France, and the European Union as a whole. The obtained results made it possible to determine the achieved level of regulation of digital relations, to assess the balance of competing public and private interests. In the sphere under consideration gaps and disproportions in legal regulation and law enforcement are identified, the key areas for their improvement are offered.

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