Image quality assessment software system

K.D. Karpov, V.V. Kholmogorov


When creating photos, a novice photographer often has problems with assessing the quality of his own photos. The problems mentioned above are due to the fact that a beginner does not have enough experience to correctly set the composition and exposure, as well as using techniques for shooting each of the types of photographs, such as landscape, still-life, portrait, etc.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for a novice photographer to independently evaluate his own work due to lack of experience. This problem can be solved by a more experienced photographer who can suggest in which aspects the picture should be improved. However, not all amateur photographers have acquaintances among professional photographers, or have money to buy expensive photography courses. Therefore, there is a need for some tool capable of analyzing and evaluating images, and this tool can be an automated image quality assessment system based on computer vision (hereinafter referred to as the system). The analysis of the photo can help the author of the image to understand what can be changed in the picture, and what should be paid attention to when further photographing. In addition, the system can help identify image problems that are very important to fix in order to get the highest quality image. The image quality assessment software system provides an opportunity to obtain a point analysis of a photo with reasoned recommendations for its improvement. The main idea of creating the system is that first the user is given the opportunity to choose the type of photo (landscape, portrait, still-life, etc.), and then upload the photo itself. It is worth noting that there are no clear norms and criteria in the world by which it would be possible to evaluate a picture, since they are quite subjective and blurred. However, there are still rules that must be followed to obtain a high-quality image. The system will rely on these rules when receiving the results of the analysis.

The use of such a system can help in the analysis of photography in the search and elimination of defects in the image and help in training a novice photographer.

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