Analysis of approaches to the architectural design of digital twins

Dmitry Gapanovich, Valeria Tarasova, Vladimir Suknomlin, Vasiliy Kupriyanovsky


The modern approach to the creation and operation of complex objects (physical assets, such as, technical systems, production processes, companies, workshops, machines, etc.) involves the use of their full-scale digital models, called Digital Twins (DT). With the help of such twins , all essential information about assets is collected, their state and dynamic characteristics are displayed in real time, and also, thanks to the mirror information connection between the twin and assets, it is possible to manipulate assets through their digital representations. Thus, DTs become an effective decision support tool for asset management. One of the key tasks of the process of developing such complex digital models as DT is the task of choosing a DT system architecture. Considering that twins can include numerous applications and services, tools for cooperation with the environment, as well as support the possibilities of their functional expansion, an important aspect when choosing architectural solutions is the property of openness DT, i.e. compliance with standards. The article provides an analysis of architectural solutions proposed to create digital twins of complex technical and production systems, with the main focus on standards.

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