Bluetooth Mesh in the IoT

E.V. Stepanova


This paper considers the Bluetooth Mesh networking standard which is being successfully applied at the Internet of Things (IoT). To understand how productive networks created by using this technology are, the study analyzes the architecture of mesh networks that allows connecting devices in a smart house system or, even in the whole city. It thoroughly describes the specifications of the networking protocol: message format, network management, and also protocols responsible for each functional level. Then, based on the properties and features of the networking protocol, the security of this technology is explored. Wi-Fi technologies have always been the main competitor for Bluetooth technology. To better understand the advantages of applying Bluetooth Mesh technology in IoT networks, the paper compares this protocol with Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Direct one. These protocols seem to be interchangeable, but each has its own features and, therefore, different specifications. The study illustrates the properties and features of the Bluetooth Mesh networking standard by considering the application of the protocol in the real cases. It also reviews the latest studies on the efficient application of the standard.

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