International experience and development trends of information modeling technology in relation to the life cycle of railway infrastructure facilities

Arcady Kazarinov, Vasily Kupriyanovsky, Vladimir Talapov


This article examines the world experience of applying information modeling (BIM) technologies to capital construction projects, accumulated at the turn of 2020, using the example of railway infrastructure. The article shows that in all the significant successes of using BIM in large infrastructure projects, the influence of the state, both legislative and scientific forces, is great. The participation of the state is explained by the fact that BIM is a technology of a new technological order based on the digitalization of the economy, and the possibilities of competition and development of states are determined by their ability to keep up with the technological race.

The first part of the article is devoted to the analysis of public-private partnerships in the development of BIM technology on the example of large infrastructure projects.

The second part of the article is focused on the analysis of the achieved level of development of BIM technology. It is concluded that BIM is a new paradigm - a drawingless technology for creating and managing engineering data in the life cycle of a construction object. Based on this conclusion, the main directions of technology development are determined.

It is shown that after the success of information modeling at the design stage, now at the construction stage there is an accumulation of experience in the application of technology in order to abandon the drawings in favor of building directly from the models. Model-based construction planning has already received reliable digital tools, in the near future we expect to see the transfer of BIM technology to the operations of direct work on the construction site, primarily the operations of marking and installation. A separate chapter is devoted to these promising sub-technologies (mixed reality), with an example of possible application and expected effect.

The article also pays attention to the issues of legitimizing work with BIM-models from the point of view of the legal significance of data and other important topics.

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