Collision detection algorithms of bounding cylinders with terrain model

Е.V. Strashnov, M.A. Torgashev


This paper considers the task of collision detection for bounding cylinders surrounding the geometry of virtual objects with a terrain. To solve this task, an approach is proposed in which the cylinder is defined analytically, and the terrain is represented as a regular rectangular polygonal mesh. As part of the proposed approach, algorithms have been developed in which the intersection is determined depending on the relative position of the cylinder and the plane of the polygonal mesh element (rectangle or triangle). These algorithms consist of several stages and allow to detect both the fact of the intersection and calculate the necessary contact information about intersection. The proposed solutions are based on fast geometric tests, which are actively used in computer graphics, and that allows to effectively implement algorithms on both CPU and GPU.

The developed algorithms for collision detection of bounding cylinders with terrain were implemented in the form of software modules. Approbation of these modules in the created software package of the virtual environment showed the adequacy and effectiveness of the proposed solutions in this paper.

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