The role of digital technologies in the exploration, production, and transportation of oil and gas products

Dmitry Cherniaev, Dmitry Namiot


The article considers the role of digital technologies in the exploration, production, and transportation of oil and gas products. The authors will consider the main problems in the oil and gas industry, and will offer solutions on the example of the world's domestic and foreign companies. The article considers the types of transportation of petroleum products, types of petroleum products, digital technologies in transportation, production, and exploration. The main digital technologies will be the Internet of Things, Building Information Modeling, Digital Doublets, Big Data, 3-D printing, blockchain, UAV and many others. For example, Digital Doppelgangers can be used to predict the behavior of an asset. A digital twin predicts the behavior of its real-world "brother" by receiving data from sensors and the simulation process, based on the reactions of the real process. An example would be to help monitor the pipeline network, predict erosion and corrosion.

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Digital evolution for Russian oil industry

Oil without humans

Transportirovka nefti


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