Research and developing methods of solving engineering optimization problems for parallel structure robots

Artem D. Maminov, Mikhail A. Posypkin


We consider the optimization of the key design parameters of the 2-RPR parallel robot in this paper. Optimization is carried out according to two criteria: the area of the workspace of the 2-RPR robot and the controllability index - global dexterity index (GDI). In the process of analyzing the robot, the direct and inverse kinematic problems are solved, the Jacobi matrices of the input and output parameters are found, and the final complete Jacobi matrix is constructed. We use Monte Carlo method to compute the area of the workspace. The GDI index is calculated by approximating the integral to the sum of the values on a uniform grid. As a result, the Pareto-optimal set  is calculated for one of the parameters of the robot, which is the solution of the problem. There was created software package, which includes visualization of the robot workspace, the dependence of the robot condition number on various parameters of the 2-RPR robot and plot of Pareto-optimal solution.

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