Methods for robotic manipulator force control in virtual environment systems

Е.V. Strashnov, M.V. Mikhaylyuk


The paper considers the task of virtual robotic manipulator control with force feedback in virtual environment systems. To solve it, an approach is proposed in which the robot force control is based on the readings of virtual force sensors and the methods for calculating and constructing functional diagrams consisting of various type blocks. Within the framework of this approach the robot force control is realized by constructing a proportional-integral controller (PI controller) with the help of a functional diagram regarding the residual value between the desired and measured values of forces and moments that act on the robot end effector.

The solutions proposed in the paper are implemented in a software package designed for simulation and control of virtual robots. The approbation results in this complex on the example of anthropomorphic robot control have shown that with the help of the proposed solutions, it is possible to effectively perform complex technological operations in which an anthropomorphic robot interacts with objects of the virtual environment.

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