The motives for the use of autonomous (driverless) cars in the EC and the USA

Artem Shaklein, Oleg Pokusaev, Vasily Kupriyanovsky, Maxim Ovsiannikov, Varvara Lazutkina


The article discusses the operation of autonomous cars in the EU and the USA. The overall goal of this article is to determine how autonomous vehicle technology can improve the state of logistics, in particular, when transporting goods on roads. First of all, the automotive industry in Europe (EU) and the United States of America is considered, since they are two geographic locations with adequate infrastructure. They have also been conducting actual tests of autonomous vehicles for several years already, and relevant data are available from several sources. Some examples cited in the article were taken from real industrial areas in Australia, where autonomous vehicles are already in operation. The paper addresses several major issues. Firstly, it is a question of how autonomous vehicles can be more efficient than traditional vehicles for transported goods. Secondly, this is a discussion on how to improve the safety aspects of drivers and vehicles with the help of advanced technologies of autonomous cars. And the third issue to be examined is an assessment of what the potential changes in financial costs and benefits are when applying autonomous vehicle technology to practical working conditions and their potential consequences in the transport chain. Also in the work, much attention is paid to how the profession of the driver will be transformed in terms of the use of autonomous vehicles.

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