Direct Manipulation of B-Spline

Youssef Ali Alhendawi


This paper introduces a technique for the immediate controls of B-spline and non-uniform discerning B-splines (NURBS) bends utilizing geometric imperatives. A deformable model is produced to characterize the misshapening vitality utilitarian of B-spline and NURBS bends. The limited component strategy is utilized to limit the distortion vitality useful and explain for the disfigured state of bends subjected to imperatives. This approach brings about an arrangement of direct conditions for a B-spline bend and an arrangement of non-straight conditions for a NURBS bend. A point of view mapping is utilized to linearize the NURBS details. NURBS bends are first mapped from the 3D Cartesian arrange space to the 4D homogeneous organize space, and changed to 4D B-spline bends. After the control in the 4D homogeneous facilitate space, the changed NURBS bends are then mapped back to the 3D Cartesian arrange space. The approach is executed by a model program, which is composed in C, and keeps running under WINDOWS.

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