The implementation and using of innovative intelligent technologies prospects in transport systems of today

Sergey Alekseev


The article is devoted to the investigation of the prospects of using innovative intelligent technologies in modern transport systems. Special attention is paid to the prospects of the development of transport infrastructure, in particular, the construction of high-speed railways in different countries around the world. A special emphasis in this context is made on the need to use modern communication and information technologies based on the Internet in the process of transport infrastructure development. As one of such advanced technologies, blockchain technology is considered. In the process of researching the technology of blockchain, two main ways of its implementation were analyzed: public and private. Separately, the distinctive features of public and private blockchain, their advantages and disadvantages. Taking into account the received results, the future vectors and key targets for the implementation of the block into the organization of transportation on high-speed highways are indicated. In particular, the impact of blockchain in the key sector of high-speed railways - the cluster of client services, namely, when accounting for the sale / purchase of "smart tickets" is analyzed. In addition, the prospects of using Blockchain 3.0 in the process of scheduling the movement of cargo-passenger high-speed trains are indicated. It is established that the Blockchain 3.0 system of applications can provide the formation of a train schedule taking into account the real location of the rolling stock, data on the rolling stock status using mobile technical devices for collecting information and transferring them to enterprises that provide maintenance and repair. Also, the possibilities of intellectual technology - the Digital Railroad - for improving the quality of services provided to passengers

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