Smart Cities as the "capitals" of the Digital Economy

В.П. Куприяновский, С.А. Буланча, В.В. Кононов, К.Ю. Черных, Д.Е. Намиот, А.П. Добрынин


The aim of this work was the desire to trace the history of the emergence of the basic concepts and standards for smart cities and their applications. Where possible, the authors tried to collect the maximum amount of material, while claiming only on presentation of their views on the process. However, the authors tried to find the maximum number of successful projects, taking away the essence of what is called the "best practice", which eventually turns into standards. We have tried to present as much detail to reflect this successful experience, not only in technology but also in practice, because it was used later in the construction scheme INNOVATION Britain, as well as mechanisms for implementation, called CATAPULT. In this work, we put as explanations excerpts of the documents translated by the authors in order to be able to look at later stages of the applicability of these materials for the development of smart city theme in Russia. However, where possible, we have tried to rely on the Russian experience and realities.

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