Optimization of parameters of the excitation circuit of the traction synchronous generator

Dmitry Kornev


In article proposed model of a synchronous generator designed for minimize losses in its excitation circuit. In the model, all generator loads are represented by functional dependencies on the design parameters of the machine and its magnetization characteristics. To determine the effect of the material of the magnetic core on the losses in the magnetic circuit, three types of electrical steel were taken into account: cast, sheet and steel grade 2212. The model takes into account the degree of saturation of the magnetic circuit of the machine, the reaction along the longitudinal and transverse axes at variable values of the electrical load and the main magnetic flux. The calculation of the magnetic circuit loads was carried out using the Blondel diagram in relative values. The dependences of the power of the excitation circuit of a synchronous generator are obtained in the possible range of changes in the design parameters and characteristics of the magnetization circuit. The factors that have the greatest influence on the efficiency of the excitation circuit of a synchronous generator are determined.

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