Motion control of a robotic two-link wheel system along a given trajectory

D.V. Afonin, A. S. Pechurin, S. F. Yatsun


The paper considers an approach to building a combined positioning control system for a robotic aircraft towing system, which is based on the superposition of reference and corrective control actions. The reference control actions are found by calculating the torques of the driving wheels of the robotic mobile tugger from its dynamic motion model, in which the required motion characteristics of the system are embedded. The corrective control actions are generated after processing the signals from the optronic matrix when moving along the contrasting line. The structural diagrams of the device of robotic tugboat, control system, the computational scheme of robotic tugboat, the mathematical model of the two-link body-wheeled system motion are proposed. The mathematical modeling of the system's motion along the given trajectory for different control modes is performed, which allowed to make a comparative evaluation of the quality of towing in each of the control modes according to the developed integral criterion. A method of counteracting the slip of the leading wheels of the towing vehicle when moving together according to a given law, based on the transfer of part of the normal reaction, is proposed and described. The accompanying diagrams are given, the principle of control system operation is described, mathematical modeling is carried out and its results are presented.

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