Analysis of the approaches to the development control access systems

A. B. Mudrich, K.V. Ezhova


The article discusses a conceptual approach to the development of an access control system for company based on the biometrics technologies. One of the most important tasks for every organization is to maintain a high level of security by using different access control systems on own territory. In the presented work, a special place is given to video monitoring systems with face recognition function. Typically, such systems are a complex of hardware and software elements where intellectual analysis based on computer vision algorithms. There are several strict requirements for the hardware and programming levels of this systems. Cameras must provide a high quality of the video for recognition and detection objects. Software must be enough fast for working as real–time system and the recognition algorithm must have a high accuracy. The first section of the article discusses the concept of access control systems. The second section contains the basic technical requirements for video monitoring systems with object recognition function. The third section contains the access control system concept and description of it developing during future scientific and engineering work.

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