Development of a web application for monitoring the parameters of manipulation mechanisms

Maxim O. Chaikin


The development of manipulation mechanisms with different kinematic structures is directly related to the creation of a control system that consists of hardware and strategic levels. The hardware level of the control system combines the electronic component base (drives, sensors, etc.) of the actuator in order to ensure a given movement of kinematic circuits. The strategic level is designed to simplify the interaction of the human operator and the mechanism. This paper describes the creation of a RESTful API of a web application as a strategic management layer for monitoring the parameters of the mechanism, as well as the organization of interaction between management levels via web sockets. The calculation of control signals for the mechanism drives was carried out on a microcontroller of the STM32 family, followed by sending experimental data to the ESP8266 microcontroller, on which a web socket server was implemented. To store the received data, a PostgreSQL database was designed, as well as an API for managing access to information using the Golang programming language. The Vue JS reactive framework was chosen for prototyping the client application interface. As a result of the work, examples of the developed functionality for organizing observation sessions, saving their history, as well as editing the configuration of available manipulation mechanisms are presented.

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