The dynamic virtual visualization method for physical fields and radiation environment optimization by virtual reality interactive operation

M.A. Utkin, O.V. Boyko, M.G. Zhabitskii


The visualization of physical processes, support of nuclear facility safety, personnel training, and reduction of radiation dose rate are priority and essential goals in the nuclear field. The application of virtual reality can improve the analysis in the field of the prediction of the received dose load when working in the radiation contamination zone.  The quality and realism of the virtual environment, and most importantly, its safety affect immersiveness and susceptibility in the field of education, training, and these effects cannot be neglected. Further research should be conducted in two directions: the use of the developed method as a training simulator with the possibility of quantitative and qualitative assessment of the trainee's actions, as well as the possibility of full use of VR-technology for visualization of the spatial distribution of radiation power. The relevance of this work is confirmed by the growing interest from the industry, scientific and technological communities to the implementation of VR-technology in production processes in order to reduce the cost of training personnel or simulation processes. For the dynamic visualization of the physical fields as a virtual reality environment for the first time, the Russian software VR Concept, which allows to create and modify objects and their characteristics without additional programming or drawing of objects, which reduces the time costs of changing the conditions of the virtual experiment to a minimum.

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