Development of software for building safety management

E.E. Istratova, A.O. Amelchenko


The article presents the results of the development of software for managing the building security system. During the study, an analysis of existing systems was carried out, an own algorithm for processing video streams was developed, tools were selected and software was implemented for managing the building security system, which allows real-time monitoring of the operation of the access system, video surveillance system and fire safety system. The software was developed in the C++ programming language using the Qt5 framework, the OpenCV computer vision algorithm library, and the NCNN face recognition library. A distinctive feature of the software solution is its ability to work on embedded systems with low computing power with various protocols for transmitting video and other data received from sensors. The software product can be used to identify and account for people working in the enterprise, ensure the operation of the access system, video surveillance system, as well as to control the operation of sensors in an intelligent building management system.

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