A digital model of the fish population Clarias gariepinus species development for creation industrial fish farm digital twin based on IIoT technology with the possibility of predictive analytics

K.U. Mokshin, M.G. Zhabitskii, U.A. Andrienko


The study object is the management process of aquatic biological production in terms of modeling for commercial fish populations of the species Clarias gariepinus (African clarium catfish) development. The purpose of the work is to develop a digital model that provides forecasting and visualization of the fish population development indicators under the production factors influence. A mathematical core has been developed for vital processes modeling of the clary catfish population within the framework of aquabiological production. Ways to refine the model for its further use in the integrated system of the aquabiotechnological production digital twin based on the industrial Internet of Things are discussed. The scenario for the implementation of the model is a module for forecasting and visualizing indicators of the fish population development under the influence of various factors of production. The digital system introduction will optimize the aquabiotechnological production management, avoid conducting experiments to find effective parameters of the population's vital activity on live individuals, increase farm productivity by optimizing the fish populations life cycle.

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