Process mining methods to analyze event logs of information systems

Adelya Khasanova


The purpose of this work is to study and implement algorithms for intelligent process analysis in order to optimize the operation of the OS, as well as to identify abnormal and malicious events using the example of event logs of various operating systems (Windows, Linux). Event logs of information systems in various fields of human activity (mining, the nuclear industry in the design and operation of nuclear power plants, the transport sector of cities, the banking sector, etc.) can become a source of valuable information about the processes occurring in the system. Since almost all of these systems are designed to operate around the clock, serving thousands of computers and users at the same time, their high availability, reliability and security become mandatory.

The article provides a study of event logs of different operating systems and a description of the developed methods for obtaining, processing and analyzing event logs in order to prevent and predict failures, failures or abnormal events, as well as to improve the optimization of existing processes. The paper provides modeling of malicious events and their detection, as well as code examples to demonstrate all of the above algorithms.

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