Conceptual UML model of the system of accounting of classes in the children's center and its implementation

S.Yu. Petrova, D.V. Baldov


The scientific article discusses the process of accounting for classes in children's development (including educational) centers. Children's centers are different in areas of activity, in scale. But in all children's centers, classes are recorded, which often requires automation.

Ready-made software products are expensive and do not take into account the specifics of organizations, so it is relevant to develop your own software product. But before development, it is necessary to model the system. The quality of the future software product depends on the constructed model.

It is proposed to take as a basis a conceptual model of the system, which contains a logical representation of the system and a representation of the process of functioning of the system. The study showed that the accounting of classes in different children's centers has a number of similar characteristics. Based on the selected characteristics, a conceptual model of an information system for recording classes in a children's center is proposed. The model is object-oriented. It is built using the unified modeling language UML. The UML model contains a use case diagram, a class diagram, and a cooperation diagram.

Based on the proposed object-oriented conceptual model, an information system for recording classes in a private children's development center that provides speech therapist services is implemented. The system is developed on the 1C: Enterprise platform. The main objects of the developed information system are described. The conceptual UML model developed and implemented in practice can serve as the basis for modeling the system of accounting classes in any children's center.

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