The Analysis of integration of Ethnobotanical Data to Information System

Laman Hamidova


Ethnobotanical field studies in Azerbaijan can improve our comprehension not just of customary medical care rehearses, yet additionally give understanding into human wellbeing and deal new answers for food security.  In this article an ethnobotanical research was directed to features the customary information on ethnobotanical plants (particularly restorative plants) being utilized by individuals in the eastern part of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In particular, ethnobotanical information are helpful to clinical professionals accused of the consideration of migrant and different populaces that utilization integral and elective medication in that it can give a premise to understanding people clinical convictions about infection, wellbeing, and treatments. In addition, much investigation into the therapeutic and healthy benefit of plants that are as of now underused in standard culture may really prompt the improvement of the food sources, drugs, and correlative and elective medication of tomorrow and gives data about the various uses of plants utilized in their essential medical services. The point of the current investigation was to gather, analyze, and assess data on the utilization of restorative plants among various population groups living using some methodologies in the eastern part of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The ethnobotanical information was assembled through semistructured interviews.

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