Approaches to creating the architecture of a remote diagnostics system for complex engineering facilities in the Arctic zone

M.G. Zhabitsky, O. V. Boyko, G.V. Sverdlik, E.S. Lagutina


Currently, within the framework of end-to-end technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, issues are being considered to increase the efficiency of operation of engineering systems in the mode of spatial distribution, work in difficult climatic conditions and a shortage of qualified personnel and services in the regions of operation. An example of such systems can be a wide range of equipment operating in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation, including the Northern Sea Route and adjacent land areas. Modern digital technologies and trends in their application make it possible to fulfill these requirements based on the digital transformation of production and service processes.

The article proposes and describes an approach to the construction of a man-machine system that manages complex engineering objects in the Far North on the basis of the data flow generated by both the machine and the human component of the engineering system.

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