Lean manufacturing values in business process management

Andrei Romanov


The paper describes the universal principles of the smoothest and at the same time adaptive transition to new business process formats. Particular attention is paid to the issues of continuous improvements, as well as the impact of a well-built business process on the final cost of a product or service that the company offers. At the same time, we consider the tools for improving business processes available in the context of digitalization in terms of such indicators as their cost, the quality of the result obtained and the duration of the course.

For a more visual presentation of the material, the main mistakes of managers made mainly by Russian managers when implementing business processes are described. Among the mistakes, there are not only managerial mistakes, but also phenomena that are associated with our mentality. It may seem that some examples do not have sufficient grounds to define them as incorrect. However, with a comprehensive study of the entire organization, as a set of personnel, resources and processes, we can come to unexpected and puzzling conclusions about the need for a comprehensive consideration of the same phenomena, even they seem familiar to us. When working with business processes, a special place is occupied by their comprehensive analysis, with the help of which we can detect the weaknesses of the company.

In conclusion, the need for continuous analysis and improvement of business processes is presented. Only with continuous development can we achieve a high quality of the enterprise's process model and improve the corporate culture that will welcome such changes.

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