Conceptual project of partial automation of recirculation aquaculture farm

Dmitry Grigorev, Daria Bolgova


The article is devoted to the description of a conceptual project for the automation of a recirculation aquaculture system (RAS). The conceptual design reflects the relationship between the core equipment of the fishery with a unified control panel (UCP), which supports decision-making, and with a database used for storing and analyzing indicators of control and measuring devices.

UCP allows you to monitor all production parameters and manage them from the operator's workplace, as well as receive notifications about violations of technological conditions. The UCP is a computer-based program.

To control the parameters of the environment, instrumentation is installed that collect data important for production. The operator has the ability to remotely monitor the collected data in real time to monitor the state of fish, aquatic environment or equipment and manage these conditions in a timely manner by sending signals through the computer system. Data from the indicators are continuously recorded in the database at a selected frequency. The database is readable from any authorized device. In case of deviation of indicators from the specified limits, the system immediately informs the operator about the violation of the technological process.

The conceptual design considers the main technological equipment used at the RAS, the expected control actions on the system and the connection with the UCP and the database, and reflects this connections in the diagrams. This project can be applied to any fishery after adjusting the composition of the equipment and the required technological parameters of production.

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