Enterprise-wide data origins

Polina Zavalenova


The article represents data origin methods that are applied in large-scale enterprises nowadays. The data lineage helps to track the movement of information flows in the ecosystem of the enterprise. First of all, the problems of the organization's activities are considered in the absence of any automated approach to the origin of information. As a result, the necessity of appropriate software is substantiated, which would make it possible to visually demonstrate the flow of data from the source system to the receiving system.

The article shows manual and automated approaches to data transfer, after which their main disadvantages are identified. As a result of the analysis, the most acceptable way of identifying the origin of data is proposed - a hybrid approach that uses human input, advanced algorithms and automated methods for checking and detecting data flows, which make the origin of data a manageable and efficient process.

The results obtained are presented in the form of conceptual models of the origin of the data. The work demonstrates what a modern system consists of, which makes it possible to define and visually represent the pedigree of information.

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