Using blockchain technology for data protection

D.V. Baldov, S.Yu. Petrova, A.A. Lebedev


At present, the value of information is practically equal to the value of material objects. Modern industries operate with huge data streams, which are subject to increased security and reliability requirements. Likewise, the Nizhny Novgorod State Engineering and Economic University (NGIEU) stores data on diplomas issued to its graduates. Information about each issued diploma is not subject to change or correction.

At the university, more than 5,800 people study in the basic professional educational programs of higher education - postgraduate programs, master's programs, bachelor's programs, as well as training programs for mid-level specialists, vocational training programs, additional professional educational programs.

The addition of new data on issued diplomas and their reliable storage is required annually. Protection against unauthorized access comes to the fore. It is unacceptable that any information has been changed or deleted. The developed client-server application will allow storing information on the issued diplomas in the university database. And the use of encryption and blockchain technology will adequately protect data from damage or alteration by third parties. Blockchain technology is well suited for solving this problem. This technology, due to its simplicity, will protect the stored data.

The article discusses the creation of a client-server application, which certifies each line of the record about the issued diploma with a special record with a hash-sum. Chains are built from rows of data that cannot be corrected or deleted. If there was a substitution of data or their deletion, the system will be able to determine the corrected string and automatically request the corrupted data from other servers. As a result, data loss or damage is completely excluded.

The developed application and database made it possible to demonstrate the capabilities of blockchain technology. The technology has a sufficiently large potential for its application in any areas of activity where information protection is required from its modification or deletion. The developed software has shown its effectiveness and will be introduced into the educational process. That can greatly increase the security of information to its change or deletion.

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