Introduction of information management in dairy enterprises in Cuba

Victor Manuel Heredero Caballero


The article deals with the use of the information management system in the dairy industry in Cuba. The automated information system is presented as a set of automated information technologies designed to provide various information services: an organized continuous technological process of training and providing users with scientific, management information, as well as information used for decision-making, in accordance with the information needs of consumers. The main objectives of such a system can be monitoring, providing information, efficient use of resources, establishing certain procedures, filtering information, coordination of actions, planning. Information management with the help of an automated system allows you to minimize the costs of acquiring, processing and using information; determining responsibility for the efficient, efficient and cost-effective use of information; ensuring continuous provision of information. The main objective of the information management system in Cuba's dairy industry is to make management decisions more efficient and productive. Using such a system, you can conduct in-depth analysis of emerging operational problems and make decisions based on reliable information. The introduction of an information management system into the processes of dairy enterprises in Cuba will achieve the best results in the collection, transportation, processing, marketing, distribution of milk and its derivatives.

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