Modeling of seafood domain using ontology

Vinu Sherimon, Sherimon P.C., Alaa Ismaeel, Winny Varkey, Naveen B.


Ensuring food quality has increasingly become an important issue nowadays and is the first step to get attention to countries seafood products. People pay more care to intrinsic quality including nutritional value, fresh degree, and toxic harmful substance content in all the products they consume. Food processing industries employ different quality control systems to check the quality of the seafood.  Specific guidelines are also followed as per the country of seafood export. Most of these guidelines are still paper-based and lab technologists often refers these manuals and documents to ensure the standards. This research presents the development of on ontology to represent the concepts of different quality tests used to ensure the quality in seafood domain. It provides taxonomic information on the type of tests, standard values and classify the seafood into accepted and rejected classes. Here, the different steps involved in the development process of this ontology is explained along with classes, its properties and instances. We concentrate on five types of seafood and the case study is conducted in Oman. Protégé which is an open source platform, is the main tool used to implement the ontology. The developed ontology supports the lab technologists in knowledge discovery and information retrieval.

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