Architecture of information system for authenticating medical data in DICOM archive

S.G. Magomedov


Nowadays personal medical devices play an increasingly important role in health care ecosystems as equipment for life support of patients. And the malicious software and protocols interacting with this equipment cause more and more interest. Any data transmitted via DICOM (the most common medical protocol) will be considered in the context of medical correctness to minimize the possible harm from fake DICOM files. To achieve acceptable accuracy in practice, two aspects are taken into account: periodicity correctness and image data (time series) correctness for the modality under consideration. This paper proposes the architecture of the information system and an integrated network filter for data validation in the DICOM archive that provides opportunities for analysis and warning management. The architecture of the proposed system is designed to work with archive data sets as well as to perform analysis of incoming big data streams. The software components operate in a cluster, which provides horizontal scalability and fault tolerance.

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